Your Toyota Emergency Survival Kit

October 24th, 2016 by

Keeping an emergency survival kit in your Toyota is crucial when you live in the New England area. Whether you broke down, got a flat tire, or need more antifreeze; a Toyota emergency survival kit will never let you down. Here is a simple, yet helpful list to get you started.

1. First-Aid Kit
2. Spare Tire
3. Extra Jumper Cables
4. Gallon of Antifreeze
5. Your Toyota Manual(s)
6. Snow Brush
7. Ice Scraper
8. Blanket
9. Flashlight
10. Batteries
11. Pair of Gloves
12. Tire Inflator
13. Portable Charger
14. Duct Tape
15. Screwdriver
16. Paper Towels
17. Water
18. Energy Bars

An awesome place to keep your Toyota emergency survival kit is right in the trunk of your Toyota. This list may seem like a lot, but you’ll be glad these items are there when you really need them. With New England’s winter weather right around the corner, you never know when you’ll need the extra blanket or pair of gloves!