When to Get Your Brakes Checked at Expressway Toyota in Boston, MA

October 16th, 2019 by

With winter right around the corner, it’s important to remember to get your brakes checked! Getting your brakes checked can mean the difference of a close call and a collision in icy conditions.

  • If you hear grinding noises coming from your brakes, you most likely have gone through your brake pads. Pressing down on your brakes with worn brake pads will cause a metal-on-metal noise coming from your calipers and rotors (Ace Auto Repair).
  • If your vehicle is pulling to one side while driving or braking, this could be another indicator that it’s time to get your brakes checked. Typically, this could be a problem with your brake fluid, a stuck caliper, collapsed brake hose or uneven brake pads (Toyota of Braintree).
  • If you notice your car is vibrating or pulsing when you brake, it is most likely a problem with your brake rotors. Your Toyota’s brake pads don’t have a smooth surface to push against when your brake rotors are damaged. Friction due to heavy braking can cause your rotors to heat up and eventually warp (J.D. Power, Discount Tire Centers).

Getting your brakes checked can sometimes be forgotten or simply overlooked. Many people have a bad habit of waiting until they hear grinding noises, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them checked before-hand!

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