Toyota Rolls Out Its One-Millionth Corolla in Mississippi

December 18th, 2017 by

The first Corolla built out of Toyota’s facility in Mississippi was released in November of 2011, and they are proud to announce that the one-millionth Corolla was just released off their production line last week. Toyota built its 500,000th Corolla in February of 2015 (Motor Trend), making rapid success to their one-millionth.

Toyota consists of 1,500 team members who also just celebrated 10 years of business & success. Toyota’s decade in Mississippi has been very memorable, from the first team member hired in November of 2007 to the millionth Corolla built this month in 2017 (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM).

“To think this all started with one – one team member, one team, one car, and now the one millionth Corolla is rolling off our line – is incredible”, Sean Suggs vice president of manufacturing stated (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM).

The Corolla is the only vehicle made at the facility in Mississippi (Motor Trend). Toyota has plans to open a shared plant with Mazda in 2021, where Corolla and Mazda crossovers will be built (Motor Trend).




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