“Start Your Impossible” – Toyota Launches New Global Corporate Initiative

October 19th, 2017 by

Toyota Motor Corporation has just launched “Start Your Impossible”. “Start Your Impossible” is a global corporate initiative that is designed to inspire Toyota employees, partners, and customers to connect with the company’s beliefs (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM). The “Start Your Impossible” initiative marks Toyota’s commitment to support a more inclusive and sustainable society, where everyone can challenge their impossible.

Freedom of Mobility for All”. Toyota believes mobility goes beyond cars – to overcoming challenges and turning your dreams into realities. “Start Your Impossible” reflects and highlights the company’s goals to provide freedom of mobility for all (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM).

Toyota has grown into an innovative leader that has enabled vehicle electrification on a mass scale, with the development of both the Prius hybrid electric car and the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric car (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM). Significant opportunities to move and transform the company include powertrains, autonomous cars, robotics, and mobility-as-a-service (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM).

Toyota wants to encourage creating peaceful societies without discrimination through sports, and a commitment to creating a sustainable society through mobility (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM). Toyota is the first mobility sponsor of The Olympic Games and The Paralympic Games, aiming to offer mobility services and logistics expertise.

The “Start Your Impossible” initiative will include varieties of programs that are focused on employees, dealers and consumers, and collaboration with the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM). The Toyota Mobility Foundation was established to address urban transportation challenges, and to expand personal mobility for people to inspire the next generation mobility solutions (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM).

Toyota will be holding its first-ever Toyota Mobility Summit in Athens, to celebrate the launch of “Start Your Impossible” and its partnership with the Olympic Games and The Paralympic Games (TOYOTA – USA NEWSROOM).


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