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UPDATE 8/01/2021:


Because of our wide selection and low pricing, we receive daily requests from shoppers out of state and across the country. Many car dealers will not sell vehicles out of state because of the added time and effort involved with registration, taxes, paperwork and shipping. We at Expressway feel otherwise. We understand that our website,, is a showroom for thousands of shoppers both in and out of the state of Massachusetts. Therefore, we offer our vehicle selection and our low pricing to anyone- regardless of residency. That said, still we will always preference our community with regard to vehicle availability, and a local buyer will always have first opportunity to purchase over a buyer in another state or part of the country.

Here are some things you need to know if you are shopping Expressway Toyota from another state.

Taxes and Registration

Each state has its own taxes and automobile registration fees, and these costs often change annually. You should know the cost of registering the vehicle in your state before you purchase. Please do not rely on the agent you contact through our internet or phone department to provide taxes and registration fees in your state. Upon your intent to purchase with retainer (deposit) via credit card, you will be contacted by a business agent who will itemize the total costs associated with your state, as well as walk you through the delivery and shipping options. Please note, a retainer alone does not constitute a sale or an agreement.

One Fee

Each vehicle purchased at Expressway Toyota or is assessed a $490 documentation preparatory charge and a $5 title preparatory charge, totaling $495 added cost. This charge is non-negotiable and taxable. Certain out-of-state purchases may incur an additional transaction fee. Please ask an agent if you are calling from another state for details.

Shipping vs Pick-Up

When shipping anything of value, the phrase stands true, “you get what you pay for.” While we do not ship vehicles ourselves, we can recommend local shipping companies to you. Generally, we can provide a shipping price quote within 24 hours.

If you choose to drive or fly here to pick up your vehicle, please coordinate with your business officer to ensure a smooth pick-up date. We are located in Boston, Massachusetts, 5 miles south of Logan International Airport. We can usually provide a shuttle to the dealership from the airport or major train station, public transit, etc.

Temporary Plates

Massachusetts does not offer temporary license plates. Your state MAY offer these temporary tags, and you may want to utilize this service. Many buyers request these temporary plates or “tags,” from the local DMV of their home state and attach them to the new car to drive back home. State laws vary. Please contact your local automobile registration office for details.

First Come, First Served

When shopping a vehicle at a dealership out of state, there are certain expectations one should have. As a high-volume dealer in a major city, we experience thousands of interested shoppers every week- many of which are interested in the same car as you. In fact, on any given day, there are multiple people shopping for the same exact vehicle. To be fair, we operate as first come, first served. Until a Purchase Agreement is executed, the vehicle remains available. We can not put cars aside, hold cars or otherwise promise or assign any vehicle to anyone until that vehicle is bought and paid for in full. In short, it’s not yours until it’s yours.

We try to provide enough information at to collect, compare and make an educated purchase decision. Generally, all of our vehicles feature 30 high-definition pictures, a CARFAX link, and the complete vehicle specifications. We understand you may have additional questions regarding a particular vehicle and we always do our best to accommodate. Please understand that any requests for additional information, negotiating, or obtaining shipping quotes take time. Exchanging emails and phone calls requires a reasonable time to respond back and forth, and such delays may very well result in losing the vehicle to another buyer. We respect your purchase process, and we ask that you respect the purchase process of others.


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