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end of lease

Your lease is coming due, and you’re wondering what to do next, right?

Review and compare your lease-end options here and then contact us.


Are you over the allotted miles?

Is there excess damage to the car?

Has your credit score fallen?

We’ll answer those questions below too.

1. Turn-in & purchase or lease another new Toyota.

Upgrade to a new model with new warranty, or try a completely different Toyota- it’s up to you. Either way, you’ll continue to enjoy the latest and greatest of Toyota’s technology, safety and convenience.

Lease End Options

Lease End Options

2. Purchase the vehicle.

If you truly love the vehicle, we wouldn’t want to separate you. We will obtain a loan for you, safety inspect the vehicle and provide warranty options.

3. Turn-in your Lease and Walk Away.

Sometimes you just don’t need another Toyota. We don’t judge. Just call us to schedule your return, park the car out front and hand over the keys. If you have payments remaining, call now and ask us how to turn in your lease early without making any more payments!

Lease End Options

OMG! I’m Over the Miles!

It’s okay… breathe. It happens.

Call us with the details and we’ll put together a solution for you. In many cases, we can offer a scenario where you’ll never have to write a check.

I Have Dents & Damage!


You aren’t the first driver to be attacked by a shopping cart or a curb. Hopefully you opted for Excess Wear protection. If not, call us now, and we’ll get through it together,

At 6 Months to Lease-End:

With just a handful of payments remaining, call us for a Lease-end Phone Consultation. We will walk you through the lease return, provide you with current Toyota promotions and confirm any loyalty incentives you may use toward the purchase or lease of another vehicle here at Expressway.

At 3 Months to Lease-End:

With 90 days remaining, now is a great time to call us and plan a visit. Did you know that only 7% of our leasees wait until the very last month to visit the dealership? Most people take advantage of the various promotions available in the last six months. Call us today for a Lease-end Phone Consultation.

At 1 Month to Lease-End:

You’re cutting it close! What are you waiting for? I’m actually getting anxious for you. Just call us now.

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Very Little or $0Upfront Money Down Typically $1000-$3000
LowerMonthly Payment Higher
YesBumper to Bumper Warranty Only On New
Included Sales Tax & Reg. Fees Additional Cost
ComplimentaryOil Changes / Maintenance Only On New
Generally 24-36 monthsTerm Commitment Generally 60-72 months
NoIncur Negative Equity Very Likely
Full CoverageInsurance Full Coverage
YesBusiness Expense Write-off No
Yes, AnnuallyExcise Tax Yes, Annually
N/APride of OwnershipYes
Drive a new carVehicle Value Own a used car


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