Green and Clean

Boston Green and Clean


Expressway Toyota is Proud to PARTICIPATE in Green and Clean Boston

Expressway Toyota is one a few proud participants of the Green and Clean Program. These businesses have demonstrated excellent commitment and dedication by going above and beyond the industry standards and being more environmentally friendly; whether it is in the products they use or procedures they follow. The Green and Clean Program is based off of a four (4) leaf system; when businesses use green products (i.e. asbestos free brake pads or “three free” nail polishes) and/or perform certain procedures (i.e. recycle anti-freeze on site or using ventilated tables for manicures), they earn points. A business must earn at least 100 points to qualify for the program. The more points the business earns, the more leaves they get. For more information regarding the program, please contact the Environmental Health Division at 617-534-5965.

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