2018 Toyota C-HR vs. 2017 Honda HR-V

May 31st, 2017 by

While the Honda HR-V was released a year ago, Toyota just recently released its first ever Toyota C-HR, aka the ‘little brother’ of the popular Toyota RAV4 compact crossover (The Car Connection). So, which is better you may ask? While these two vehicles compete head to head, let me break down some of the differences for you.

While both vehicles are suited for both city and suburban use, the Honda HR-V offers optional All-Wheel Drive, unlike the Toyota C-HR. The Toyota C-HR offers Front-Wheel Drive, but manufacturers are working on bringing the possible option of AWD to the states within the next year or two.

The Toyota C-HR has a sensual style and offers a distinctive diamond theme. An aerodynamic silhouette and strong body lines streamline the vehicle, while the driver sits in the MeZone. The MeZone allows the driver to sit in a space that enables concentration on driving by using an instrument panel, designed with a 3 dimensional feel. The distinctive diamond theme consists of diamonds integrated throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle, giving it a sharp and sleek look.

The Honda HR-V features a thick chrome grille, swept-back front light units and side accent lines, but the rear end is no different than the Acura MDX (The Car Connection).

So what are the major differences between the Toyota C-HR and the Honda HR-V?

Safety. Safety. Safety.

The Toyota C-HR blows the Honda HR-V out of the water with its safety features, with the best overall safety package in the segment. The Toyota C-HR comes equipped with 10 standard airbags, Toyota Safety Sense-P, Star Safety System, Brake Hold, Hill Assist Start Control, and Backup Camera. TSS-P Safety comes standard on the Toyota with Vehicle Pre-Collision, Pedestrian Pre-Collision, Lane Departure Alert, Lane Departure Steering Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Automatic High Beams. None of these features come standard on the Honda HR-V.

The Honda HR-V comes standard with only 6 airbags, compared to the Toyota C-HR with 10.
While these two vehicles base around the same price, take advantage of the many equipped features in the Toyota C-HR.



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